Telepresence Robots in Hospitals

Telepresence technology in hospitals provides a clear path to overcoming obstacles in healthcare and the workplace. Telepresence robots have been employed in long-term care or hospital […]

Telepresence Robots at Congresses

Telepresence robots in congresses are much like “Skype-on-wheels.” They consist of a display that runs a video conferencing system which is attached to a type of […]

Telepresence Robots at Restaurants

Imagine a restaurant where visitors are escorted to their tables by a telepresence robot, which is controlled remotely by a real hostess who appears as a […]

Humanoid Robots at Fairs

When people organize an event, they really need to find something which is going to lend it the ‘wow’ factor and help it stand out. Whether […]

Telepresence Robots as Factory Inspectors

Factory inspector Robots are futuristic machines that will initiate a whole technological revolution in the world of industrial inspection. Factory inspection is a task usually performed […]

Telepresence Robots at Banks

There are many bank branches around the world which do not have human staff at one time or another during the week. Sometimes it may be […]

Telepresence Robots Replacing Ticket Agents

Telepresence Robots as Ticket Agents who work on airport counters or other designated sales points that airlines might have; is a must have technology nowadays. In […]

Disinfection Robots and University Campuses

Covid-19 can be quickly transmitted through droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces. To contain the spread, there is a need for more regular and deeper cleaning […]

Telepresence Robots in Shopping Malls

Robots are playing a bigger role in helping to upgrade shopping malls, which are working hard to cater to young consumers’ evolving shopping preferences. These robots […]