UVC Sterilization For Dental Offices

More than 67% of the US population visits the dental office at least once each year, meaning millions of Americans are exposed to potential healthcare acquired […]

Mirror Therapy Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is essential to improve the motor impairments and activities of daily living limitations. It is recommended to start the rehabilitation in the early stage […]

Deploying Robots for Pest Control in Greenhouses

 Pests are undesirable insects or germs that interfere with human activity and can ruin crops.  A key point in crop management is early detection and eradication […]

Disinfection of Religious Places

Even with adherence to physical distancing and thorough disinfection, multiple different households convening in a congregational setting to worship carries a higher risk for widespread transmission […]

Introducing Robots to Video Conferencing

Video conferences have long since progressed from fixed spaces to one’s own workstation and mobile devices. This is why telepresence robots are aiming to enable mobility […]

Delivery Robots for Restaurants

Delivery Robots have slowly been seeping into the market over the past few years and the recent health crisis has only increased the awareness of their […]

Reception Robots in Workplaces

Most companies need someone on the frontline greeting their clients, customers, vendors, or anyone else that’s visiting the premises. First impressions are critical, so well-trained, friendly, […]

Telepresence Robots & Telemedicine

The telepresence robot market is growing constantly due to increasing use in telemedicine and remote work. Driving this expansion are the increasing demand for remote interactions […]

4 Benefits of Using Ultraviolet Light For Disinfection

UVC light disinfection uses ultraviolet technology to kill all germs and bacteria more quickly and is a great supplement for other traditional methods. Some are still reluctant […]

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Cheaper Than Manual Mowers?

Whilst a robotic lawn mower is not what many will consider a cheap piece of equipment, and are still more expensive than many conventional lawn mowers, […]